Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nse Trading Tips/Article

How to invest in share market?

This is the very big question for the beginners and others who want to be richer in very short period from investing in
shares. Many people made a wrong picture of share market, stock trading and investing in stocks their mind. Stock trading or investing in shares is not a shortcut to make money.Nse trading tips is available for the people who invest their money in stocks with very safer way to make a handsome profit. There are some facts to know before investing in share market.

How to pick a stock for investing?

Many people invest their money in any
stock, and they lost their money. Please select a sector/industry first to invest which have a high growth (like AUTO and METAL nowadays) for selected time period and take full information about the company which you selected for investing. After picking the stock you invest 25% of your money in particular stock and wait for some days/weeks (this will be depending on your time duration), if stock goes down wait for its support and again put more money to average your cost if stock goes up after your investment wait for fresh correction to put more money in the stock. Always keep more than 3 to 5 scrip in your portfolio from different sector or industry and always avoid the industry/sector/stock (like REALTY) which is in deep correction or in downtrend.